wgntvJunior Ninja Warriors opens to public in Chicago

A lot of families are watching the American Ninja Warrior TV show.
Jackie and Jeff Piejak noticed their kids setting up their own obstacle courses in their yard, which led them to an idea. Continue Reading

dnainfoChicago Gets Its First Ninja Warrior Gym — Sorry Grown Ups, It’s For Kids 

IRVING PARK — Allow us to enter into evidence Junior Ninja Warriors as proof positive that adulthood is not an upgrade over childhood.
While grown-ups sweat it out on the treadmill or rowing machine, kids at the new Junior Ninja Warriors gym at 2915 W. Montrose Ave. will be racing up the warped wall, climbing the salmon ladder and leaping across the quad steps. Continue Reading

wciuJunior Ninja Warriors: Part 1 & 2

Jon Hansen and Jackie Kostek are live in Albany Park to check out the activity center where you can get your kids up and active!

Here what they have to say. Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2

abc-windy-cityJi trains like a Ninja Warrior