JNW Kids Classes

At Junior Ninja Warriors, we take an exciting approach to fitness focusing on obstacle training.  JNW classes benefit athletic performance in many sports, builds self-confidence and prepares kids to accomplish their future goals. Classes are designed for kids ages 6+ who want to train and conquer the same obstacles seen on American Ninja Warrior, challenge themselves, be awesome and have FUN!

Kids Classes

All classes are designed and led by our Manager of Course Operations, Ethan Swanson. Ethan has competed on American Ninja Warrior for the past 3 seasons and made it to the 2016 ANW Finals- of over 70,000 applicants, he was 1 of 17 who made it to Stage 2 of the Vegas Finals. Classes are designed, taught, and led by Ethan and our team of instructors.

  • Beginner - Ages 6-9

    The Beginner Junior Ninja class will focus on tackling the obstacles we’ve all seen on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior! Ninjas are not required to have any prior experience with obstacles. They learn how to approach new challenges safely while having fun and exploring movements. Instructors set goals and challenges for students which help them gradually develop solid fundamental skills.

  • Intermediate - Ages 7-12

    The Intermediate Junior Ninja class builds on the foundation of Ninja Warrior strength and movement. Ninjas must be able to ascend the 8 foot Warped Wall, do 1 pull up, complete the Quintuple Steps, Ring Swings, and Balance Beam.

  • Advanced - Ages 10-15

    The Advanced Junior Ninja class is made for those who want more of a challenge. Ninjas must be able to ascend the 10 foot Warped Wall, do 3 pull ups, complete the Blue Monkey Bars, Red Cliff Hanger, and Jumping Spider. They will learn complex obstacle techniques, build grip and upper body strength, and become more confident.

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